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The Gift of Hearing: How Indus Hospital Changed Fabiha’s Life.

Fabiha was a lively 5-year-old girl who loved to spend time with her family. However, her world was a silent one. She had hearing loss in both her ears due to Warrensburg’s Syndrome. Her parents, who had other family members with the same disorder, recognized the signs early on and took her for therapy at various private hospitals. Despite two years of therapy, there was no change in Fabiha’s hearing, and her parents were told she needed cochlear


If a person has faith, they can do anything

Sidra’s journey is one of strength, resilience, and hope. At just 15 years old, she faced a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma and the crushing weight of losing her uncle to cancer just three months prior. Her world was turned upside down and her hope was fading fast. “I had lost all faith, i thought i’d have the same fate as my late uncle”  But Sidra refused to let her diagnosis defeat her. She knew she needed the best care possible and insisted

Hasnain’s Story of Courage and Hope

Hasnain’s story is one of immense courage, determination, and hope. At only 14 years old, he faced a life-threatening diagnosis that could have crushed his spirit and extinguished his dreams. But instead, Hasnain rose to the challenge with a fighting spirit that inspired everyone around him. Despite the difficult journey that lay ahead of him, Hasnain refused to give up. He found the strength to endure grueling chemotherapy sessions and overcome the pain and weakness that threatened to consume him. And


Everything Works Out for the Better – Nehal Ahmed

A 10-year-old Nehal from North Karachi, was a passionate athlete – whether it was cricket or football, Nehal’s afternoons in the hot Karachi sun were spent playing with his friends in the gully and recounting his colorful stories from the field to his parents at dinner time. However, all of this would soon come crashing down as Nehal – the pride and joy of his family – suffered a fracture in his arm during a cricket match.

Living Without Fear

“I used to feel so alone and scared that I was the only one going through this. But when I came to Indus, I discovered that there are so many people like me who are searching for help.” Shakeel is originally from Nousheroferoz and moved to Karachi around 12 years ago to look for work. Newly married with a baby on the way, Shakeel was determined to make a good living for his family, whom he would travel back and forth

diabetes story

Diagnosed Out Of The Blue

“The doctors at Indus made me realize that Diabetes was nothing but a small bump in the road. Once you are determined to achieve something, nothing needs to change.” 14-year-old Arsalan had been feeling down for several weeks. Dazed, tired, and feeling a constant hunger in his belly, Arsalan found himself irritable at everyone and everything, going so far as to pick fights with his closest friends.

Cradling her last hope-Taj Bibi’s story

There is a sea of mosquitos swarming near the tents. The air is hot and the temperature is 40 degrees. There are hundreds of children who are roaming around without any proper clothes or shoes on their bodies. Most of them belong to families who have just fled the neighboring villages in interior Sindh to escape the catastrophic floods caused by the heavy monsoon.