Prayers have the Power to change destiny

Timely care can be the difference between life and death – for our patients, your Zakat is their lifeline and their sincere and heartfelt prayers of gratitude are for you!

Give your zakat and donations generously and be blessed with the prayers of thousands of patients

Peads & Plastic Surgery

  • Skin Grafting


    Some wounds are too big to be stitched close and may cause prominent scarring. Donate, and help cover a patient’s wounds and accelerate their healing.

  • Cleft Palate Repair


    Cleft palate affects speech production and dental development. Donate, and help a child speak clearly and smile again.

  • Cleft Lip Repair


    Cleft lip affects functioning of the upper lip and results in significant psychological distress. Donate, and help a child smile again.

  • Orchidopexy


    Undescended testes are a source of concern and can lead to various testicular disorders. Donate, and help a patient undergo correctional surgery.

  • Pediatric Hernia Surgery


    Hernias may have dreadful consequences including blockages, infection and death. Donate, and help a patient avoid complications from hernia.

ENT & Other Products

  • Echocardiogram


    An Echocardiogram can help diagnose heart disease and disorders. Donate now and help a patient on their way towards a healthy heart.

  • Electrocardiogram


    An ECG test helps detect any heart abnormalities so timely corrective action can be taken. Donate now and help a patient on their way towards a healthy heart.

  • Cochlear Implant treatment


    Hearing is a blessing: donate now, and help a patient receive the gift of hearing.

  • Family Medicine Clinic Visit


    Doctors in the Family Medicine Clinic provide primary care and can diagnose, treat and prevent a wide variety of conditions. Donate, and help a person receive the primary care they need.

  • Consultant Clinic Visit


    Some health conditions are complex and require the help of doctors who are specialized in a specific area of medicine. Donate, and help people receive the specialist consultation they need.

  • ER Visit


    Some events are unpredictable, plunging people in life-threatening emergencies. Donate, and help a patient obtain immediate, lifesaving emergency care.

  • Dialysis


    Patients with damaged kidneys cannot remove dangerous wastes from their body. Donate, and help a patient avoid preventable death through a dialysis session.

  • Tonsillectomy


    Help make a patient’s throat infection-free. Donate before tonsillitis can worsen and affect quality of life.

  • Mastoidectomy


    Hearing is a blessing; donate before an ear infection worsens into hearing impairment.

Orthopedic & Urology

  • Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP)


    Enlarged prostrate affects urination and leads to recurrent UTIs, bladder stones, blood in urine and renal failure. Donate, and help a patient avoid prostrate complications.

  • Total Knee Replacement


    No patient should have to live with debilitating pain and impaired mobility. Donate, so a patient can receive knee implant and resume their daily functioning.

  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)


    Untreated kidney stones may lead to recurrent UTIs, blood in urine, urosepsis and even kidney loss. Donate, and help remove a patient’s kidney stones.

  • Hypospadias Repair


    Some boys are born with their urethra positioned incorrectly, affecting urination and psychological wellbeing. Donate, and help restore the normal function of a patient’s penis.

  • Removal of Metal


    Surgical implants may become a debilitating source of infection and pain. Donate, and help a patient return to a functional and pain-free life.

  • Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF)


    Broken bone pieces need to be moved into place and stabilized before the body can heal the fracture. Donate, and save a patient’s limbs from disability.

Ways to Donate

Donate Via SMS

Write “donation” and send it to 9880 to donate PKR 20 plus tax to Indus Hospital & Health Network

Bank Transfer

Deposit your donations directly via an online funds transfer or through any bank in Pakistan

Doorstep Collection

Call us for safe and secure donation collection! Right from your doorstep!
Karachi: 021 111 111 880 |
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UAN: 03 111 111 880

Jazz Cash

Donate from the JazzCash app! Select Indus Hospital & Health Network as your charity of choice!

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