Pediatric Oncology ER Visit

Pediatric Oncology ER Visit


Complications of childhood cancer or cancer treatment may escalate into a medical emergency; donate now and help a childhood cancer patient receive the emergency care they need.

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VISITS IN 2022-2023

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Complications of pediatric cancer and cancer treatment may escalate into a medical emergency, and require urgent visit to an emergency room (ER). Pediatric cancer patients often have compromised immune systems, making it harder to recover from even common illnesses, with some of these illnesses even becoming life-threatening.

Common reasons for pediatric cancer patients needing the ER include sudden onset of high fever, pain, and vomiting. Such symptoms need to be treated immediately before they lead to greater complications.


children and adolescents aged 0-19 years old worldwide develop cancer annually

Less than 30%

of children with cancer are cured in low- and middle-income countries


new cancer cases in children are diagnosed annually in Pakistan