From Amputation to Independence

Gulshan Ara’s journey of strength and perseveranc

“Even getting a glass of water for myself became challenging. I had to rely on my family for little things. Losing my leg made me dependent on others, which for a person like me was very hard as I had always prided myself on being independent and self-sufficient.”

Gulshan Ara, a school teacher, recounts the difficulties she experienced after her amputation. When she was informed by her doctor that the only way to be free of the constant unbearable pain in her leg was to have it amputated, the thing she had dreaded the most was being dependent on others.

After her leg got amputated, life became quite taxing for Gulshan Ara just as she had feared, making even daily life activities challenging for her. Given the surgery that she went through, the family was struggling financially to get an artificial limb for her. One day, one of her relatives recommended her to visit the Physical Rehabilitation Center at Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Bedian Road, Lahore (managed by Indus Hospital & Health Network) to get a free artificial limb. Eager to find a solution to her problem, Gulshan Ara visited the hospital the very next day. After a thorough analysis of the condition of her leg, measurements were taken for the prosthetic limb. A week later, she was given a prosthetic leg and she was ready to practice walking. Gulshan Ara gushed, “I am so happy that now that I have this leg I will be able to perform all my chores on my own and will not be dependent on anyone. I will be able to go to school and teach my classes with ease.”

Since then, she has been visiting the hospital regularly for physical therapy and is all praises for the hospital for providing her quality care and support, absolutely free of cost. She complimented, “The staff and the doctors are very caring and cooperative. They address all my concerns with a smile on their faces, regardless of how many times I ask them; giving me courage and hope that I will be able to walk again. I am really happy and satisfied with their services.”