The Fight I Won

It was a busy day at work. Natasha was dead-tired as she stood the whole day grooming her customers at the salon. Her fiancé came to pick her up. She was desperately looking forward to a good meal and peaceful sleep but life had a different plan for her.

As Natasha and her fiancé were crossing a busy roundabout, a water tanker hit their bike, leaving her severely injured and her fiancé dead. She was immediately transported to a government hospital where her injured leg was surgically removed. The substandard care at the hospital made her life further miserable. Since she knew about The Indus Hospital, she asked her family to transfer her to Indus. The warm and caring staff and quality medical care, made Natasha stand tall against the trauma of losing a leg. In two months’ time, she received her artificial limb and learnt how to walk again.

“Along with my family and friends, I’m grateful to the staff of the Indus Hospital, which provided me with utmost care and respect. I wish we have more hospitals like Indus.”

Today Natasha is proud to be back on her feet. She learnt that not giving up is the only way to win the fight against her physical and psychological trauma. She is now back to her job and earns her living respectfully.