Proudly announcing the launch of Indus Yaqeen

Indus Hospital & Health Network is proud to announce the launch of its Youth Ambassador Program, ‘Indus Yaqeen.’ The initial volunteer program, iHope, was a two-week program that invited students to visit and conduct activities at the hospital. It has now become a part of this new youth ambassador program. Indus Yaqeen is based on the ideology and belief that the youth of Pakistan are not just future leaders, but present leaders as well. Furthermore, we have to entrust them with the responsibility of building a healthier nation.

Indus Yaqeen – A new youth program

In light of the recent pandemic, Indus Yaqeen has moved the focus of volunteering to online platforms. It is a program designed to instill strong leadership traits in volunteers and ambassadors. In addition, it provides the opportunity to solve novel and unprecedented problems and the chance to network with people from diverse backgrounds. This initiative has come into being solely to help the youth realize the potential they have to become catalysts of monumental change.

By participating in Indus Yaqeen, students will gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They will work closely with hospital staff and patients to raise awareness of health issues and funds for their treatment. Ultimately, they will experience the unparalleled joy that comes from helping others.
Indus Yaqeen calls to the youth of Pakistan to recognize their strengths and strive towards a better Pakistan for all