Al-Ghazi School of Midwifery graduates secure top three spots in Nursing Examination Board, Punjab

Bhong, Punjab: Graduates of Al-Ghazi School of Midwifery due to be licensed in 2021 scored the top three positions in their Community Midwifery Part I board examination with the Nursing Examination Board, Punjab this year in South Punjab.

The Al-Ghazi School of Midwifery, situated in Bhong has produced 102 community midwives in the past ten years. The midwifery school, accredited by the Pakistan Nursing Council recruits girls from the communities surrounding the hospital at Matriculate and Intermediate level into the two-year diploma course.

At the end of the two-year course, students receive a diploma in Community Midwifery and can provide maternal and neonatal healthcare services at the facility and community level.

Trainee midwives get practical experience through rotations on deliveries and postnatal care, antenatal care, family planning, lactation, community development, newborn care, and immunization. Through this program, they are equipped to independently manage birth programs and further increase coverage of skilled birthing services in the community.

Moreover, they are able to bring livelihoods to their families through their work-thereby increasing mobility of girls in the community, and increasing income generation sources through skill-building.