All-staff Ramazan Launch Campaign 2023 | Indus Hain Aap!

Indus Hospital & Health Network is incredibly grateful for all who came out to support the Ramazan Campaign 2023. The event marked a momentous time in IHHN’s fifteen-year journey and reflects the strength of the Indus Family. The event served to encourage employees to raise awareness for the Network in every nook and corner of the country. The launch was held at the New Hospital Building located in Korangi Campus, Karachi.

The event was held in-person and online and was well-attended by all employees, including IHHN’s Senior Leadership, Heads of Directorates, Heads of Departments, Senior Managers, and Supervisors.

The event started with the Tilawat of the Holy Quran. Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi, CEO of IHHN, took the stage and touched upon the economic problems the country is facing and how IHHN’s free-of-cost, quality services are needed now more than ever. Speaking to the employees directly, he said, “Today, we have called you all to help spread our message in your own personal circles. We request you all to tell the story of Indus and its patients at every possible opportunity.”

Mr. Salim Razzak Tabani, Chairman of the Fundraising Committee of IHHN’s Board of Directors, impressed upon the audience the uniqueness of IHHN and urged the people of Indus, especially its doctors, to use their own clout to be ambassadors. “We are a Network that is ten thousand strong, and together you all have so much more potential than you think. You are all the vessels carrying Indus’s message.”

Abdul Karim Paracha, Chairman, Board of Directors, IHHN, rallied the audience, reminding them of their invaluable roles as part of IHHN, “You all have shown the whole country how relentless we are in the face of tragedies of flooding and COVID-19. Indus is the one hope for people who are suffering and has taken on their health as its responsibility. The reason to call you all today is to help Indus survive in these difficult times.”

Syed Mashhood Rizvi, Executive Director, Communication and Resource Development and Chief of Staff to the President, introduced the Ramazan Campaign 2023. IHHN currently needs PKR 1 billion every month for patient treatment. Our Ramazan target is an ambitious PKR 4 billion, with one-third of the amount being funded through Zakat donations.

With over 70% of IHHN’s workforce residing outside Karachi, this year, our hopes are to significantly increase the percentage of funds raised outside Karachi, which currently comprises a meager 12% of total funds raised.

Mr. Rizvi went on to elaborate on how through spreading awareness, we can collectively achieve the Ramazan target in the following ways:

  • Forming partnerships to increase visibility
  • Spreading the message within our own personal networks
  • Building support via influencers
  • Sharing IHHN’s posts and messages via social media
  • Door-to-door networking in our communities
  • Delivering personalized pitches for the campaign
  • Involve the youth in personal networks in Meer-e-Karwan Hum Hain – IHHN’s largest youth-led campaign

Urging the audience to take initiative, Mr. Rizvi went on to say, “I would like to reiterate that Communications & Resource Development (CRD)’s doors are open 24/7, and as I mentioned, no idea is too small, and we are all here to listen to you and to your ideas. I can assure you that my team and I will be there for you every step of the way so that we can all take this campaign forward as a family. Please do feel free to contact us, however convenient, at”

Final remarks were given by Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, Founding President of IHHN, who spoke to the audience via a video message. Addressing the audience, he said, “Indus is built on compassion, generosity, and the duas received from our patients. Pakistan has gone through worse hardships, but thanks to Allah (SWT), we have emerged victorious and stronger throughout it all.”