Blood Donation Camp Organized by RTEH, Muzaffargarh & RBC, Multan

A blood donation camp was held at Tayyip Erdogan Hospital Muzaffargarh in collaboration with IHHN-managed Regional Blood Center Multan on March 15, 2023. The hospital’s medical staff, Administration, Housekeeping, IT, and Safety & Security departments came together to donate blood for the benefit of emergency patients and children suffering from thalassemia.

Waqar Ahmad, Head of Operations, donated blood and inspired others to follow. Speaking at the occasion, he said, “Alhamdulillah, it is the innate quality of the Pakistani nation that whenever blood or any financial help is needed, they provide it. In line with Indus Hospital & Health Network’s vision and mission, we are providing free-of-cost safe blood to deserving patients.”

Dr. Irfan Javed, Head of Campus, RTEH, visited the blood donation camp and praised the teams from RTEH and RBC, Multan, for their dedication and drive for this noble cause. Donors will not only receive the positive health benefits derived from regularly donating blood but are also working to please Allah (SWT). The lives and smiles of many patients in need are connected with their blood; and the reward of this exertion can only be given by Allah Almighty (SWT).

Indus Hospital and Health Network would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Rukhsana Batool, Assistant Manager, Pharmacy; Shahnawaz, Officer, Safety & Security Department; Shahid Nadeem, Public Health Supervisor; and Dr. Ahmad, PGR, for donating blood at the camp and encouraging their colleagues to do the same.