To commemorate September Childhood Cancer awareness 2022, Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), Korangi Campus conducted a month-long series of events aimed to educate, uplift, and empower all those involved with battling Childhood Cancer. Various activities were carried out for IHHN’s childhood cancer patients and their families, and the community at large.

To kickstart the month, IHHN’s Psychosocial department held an interactive cancer survivor session where IHHN’s past cancer survivors came in to speak to newly diagnosed patients and their families to provide guidance, knowledge and comfort as they navigate this difficult journey. The speakers acted as irrefutable proof against evidence against common misconceptions surrounding cancer, mainly that it is untreatable and a sure death sentence. An annual program, the session included IHHN cancer survivors of all ages who shared their story battling cancer including the challenges they faced, the emotional toll they went through, and the things that give them comfort and hope during that difficult period. They also spoke of the successes they achieved during treatment and how they are confidently living their life today having gained a new appreciation for life.

Indus Yaqeen’s youth ambassadors and volunteers also organized and led a Bakesale fundraiser at Dolmen Mall, Clifton, Karachi, to raise funds for Childhood Cancer treatment. The event was a resounding success with many people coming forth to support the cause. Indus Yaqeen volunteers also raised funds to host a fun-filled field trip to Space Station, Karachi for the Pediatric Cancer patients.

Throughout the month of September various arts and crafts activities were held for Pediatric Cancer patients to provide a safe-space for them to comfortably express their feelings and receive comfort. They were joined by students from Haque Academy and Bay View Academy (BVA) who visited the hospital to engage with these children and learn more about the cause. Several art activities were also led by Ruqqaya Rizwan, a long-time volunteer at IHHN.

Rizwan Islam, one of IHHN’s generous donors, also spent a day distributing various gifts to all the pediatric residents including those that were undergoing cancer treatment.

To help bring joy to IHHN’s Pediatric Cancer patients and distract them from their on-going treatment several organizations stepped up to hold fun-filled events. Hamdard foundation helped conduct group sessions and games at IHHN’s Play Area. Baskin Robbins Pakistan held a kiosk activity where free scoops of ice cream were generously doled out to these brave cancer warriors, many of whom were tasting ice cream for the first time in their precious lives.

IHHN would like to give a huge round of appreciation to all of their supporters, volunteers, and staff, without whom September Childhood Cancer Awareness would not have been a success.