To commemorate September Childhood Cancer Awareness 2022, the psychosocial department at Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), Korangi Campus conducted a month-long series of events aimed to educate, uplift, and empower all those involved with battling Childhood Cancer. Various activities were carried out to recognize and appreciate the efforts of IHHN’s hardworking oncology staff.

Throughout September, the department held several held group sessions and game activities for the oncology staff to provide them with a non-judgmental platform through which they could share their stress and emotional experiences with like-minded individuals under the supervision of an experienced psychologist. By engaging in grounding exercises, fun artwork, and group activities, the attendees were able to build emotional resources essential for navigating the often-overwhelming field of pediatric cancer.

Asma Naheed, Psychologist at IHHN, explains “For example, treating a child for 5-6 months and then having to watch them relapse and die from the disease can be extremely painful and draining. This is the kind of burden that oncology healthcare workers carry every day.”

On Staff Appreciation Day, exceptional members of staff, voted by the pediatric cancer patients, were awarded commemorative shields in various categories including “Best Listener”, “Best Cannula Delivery”, “Best Nurse”, “Best Communicator”, etc.