Colors of Hope: Giving life to paintings of pediatric cancer patients

Maheen Khan, renowned fashion designer has partnered with Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) to add the colors of hope to the lives of childhood cancer patients.

‘Colors of Hope’ is a joint initiative of Maheen Khan and IHHN through which the paintings of children battling childhood cancer are turned into fashion merchandise in an effort to create awareness about the journey of children receiving Oncology treatment and to fundraise for their treatment. Maheen Khan brought together 5 young and talented designers who worked in collaboration to adapt these powerful paintings into stunning designs that were printed onto silk scarves of various sizes.
Pediatric Cancer patients at Indus Hospital & Health Network are introduced to art as a form of therapy. Art is an empowering and effective means of expression and our patients use their creativity to express their emotional journey of fighting cancer through paintings. Showcasing their art through such products is a proud moment for our patients and it opens up an opportunity for many to support these children through purchase of such products.
To honor these young warriors, two exhibitions of the colorful silk scarves were also organized in collaboration with Maheen Khan during the month of Ramazan. Many patrons and supporters of IHHN and people from Maheen’s social network visited and purchased these scarves. All proceeds from the sale will be used towards the treatment of childhood cancer patients at Indus Hospital and Health Network.