Dr. Abdul Bari Khan Visits the Students of ASWJ School

On January 26, 2023, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, President of Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN), visited ASWJ at the invitation of its founder, Uzair Saboor, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Brand Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. of the International brand MEIJI, and a long-time supporter of IHHN.

Established in 2020, ASWJ provides quality education, educational materials, and midday meals completely free of charge to over 200 underprivileged children in the highly populated region of PECHS, Karachi.

During his visit, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan toured the classrooms and interacted with the students asking about their studies and future goals & ambitions. Inspired by the bright minds and bursting potential of the children studying at ASWJ, Dr. Abdul Bari pledged to involve the students in Indus Yaqeen – IHHN’s youth engagement program. Through Indus Yaqeen, students can participate in exciting events and initiatives that will inculcate essential qualities of perseverance, compassion, hard work, and accountability. The program aims to create empowered change-makers who will lead Pakistan into a brighter future.

Moved by Indus Hospital and Health Network’s commitment to better the health of the poor and needy throughout Pakistan, Mr. Saboor pledged to donate a significant supply of medicines and infant formula to IHHN’s owned hospitals in Karachi and Lahore. He also expressed hope for future collaboration with IHHN to further its noble cause of making free-of-cost universal healthcare a reality in Pakistan.