Dr. Nida Ilyas Shamsi represented Indus Health Network at the 14th Annual International Conference for Clinical Ethics Consultation

Dr. Nida Ilyas Shamsi, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, Indus Health Network (IHN) participated in the 14th annual International Conference for Clinical Ethics Consultation (ICCEC). She shared her experience of establishing a Clinical Ethics Committee at the Indus Hospital (TIH), Karachi in the context of its unique placement in Pakistan’s healthcare system.

Her abstract’s title was “Translating Clinical Ethics in Trenches: Experiences from a Developing Country”. She spoke about the need of initiating a committee in relation to the values of TIH, challenges faced by the committee at various levels, strategies used to overcome them, current scenario and moving forward with the expansion and establishment of the IHN.

The conference was hosted by the Institute of Medical Ethics from June 21- 23, 2018 at Oxford. The theme of ICCEC 2018 was ‘Clinical Ethics in Translation’. The conference brought together healthcare professionals, bioethicists, academics in law, policy-makers and users of health services from around the world to share ideas and bring new perspectives to the relationship between clinical practice and research, learning and policy.