Emergency Medicine Leadership Course – Day 2

ER Leadership

The Emergency Department (ED) at Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), Korangi Campus, is conducting a three-day course on Emergency Medicine Leadership (EML) from October 26-28, 2022. The second day of the course started off with a brief recap of the first day by Dr. Megan Rybarcyzk, University of Pennsylvania, followed by a series of discussions and interactive activities.

Dr. Syed Moyn Ali, Director, IME, JSMU, and Dr. Megan Rybarcyzk, led a discussion on the development of EM educational courses, which focused on the development of course curriculum and objectives, course structures, and the management of course logistics.

Continuing on with the theme of education, Dr. Saima Ali, Head of the Department – Emergency Services (Adult), Dr. Sabahat Fatima, and Dr. Megan Rybarcyzk lead an interactive session on teaching and learning methodologies. The course attendees took part in group activities whereby they had to practice being teachers themselves and develop their own personal teaching strategies with clear objectives for their respective EDs. This activity was followed by a recorded lecture by Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz on how to balance and prioritize your ongoing education in a busy clinical environment.

The second half of the day started off with a detailed session led by Dr. Junaid Patel on conflict resolution and negotiation in an ED setting. This was followed by an interactive session led by Dr. Saima Ali, where the candidates had to role-play in the above-mentioned difficult situations. Continuing on with the theme of conflict resolution, attendees were given a recorded lecture by Dr. Paul Charlton on having difficult conversations in the ED setting.

Recorded lectures by Dr. Julie Uspal on Quality & Safety, and Dr. Joseph Leanna, on Practice Guidelines & Clinical Pathways were also given.

The day ended with an interactive session led by Dr. Lubna Mushtaque and Dr. Sama Mukhtar on the importance of ED data and quality improvement. The candidates took part in a related group activity where they had to design their own clinical pathway for their own respective ED.

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