Free Training for Parents of Children Suffering with Hearing Impairment

Karachi, Pakistan

October 22, 2019

 The Indus Hospital’s Audiologist and Speech Language Therapist (ASLT) team organized the first parent training session on Thursday, October 17, 2019. It was an initiative for the parents of children with hearing impairment and the theme was ‘Journey from sounds to words’.

The session focused on training the parents regarding amplification devices, their usage, care, maintenance, as well as on how to develop their children’s hearing and verbal skills through available resources at home. Parents were also provided flashcards.

The idea generated out of the need to entertain the long queue of patients waiting for Speech Language Therapy swiftly. The therapists first sorted children’s disorders in different categories.

The aim was to call the group of parents of children who share same disorders and train them on how to start therapy at home, what things they need to work upon, and how. The team will be meeting them for follow up session on a monthly basis. During the first session 20 parents were trained.

Ms. Anam Madhaani, Speech Language Therapist; Ms. Rabika Amanullah, Speech Language Therapist; Ms. Tabassum Naz, Audiologist; Ms. Haya Yawar, Audiologist; and Mr. Irfan Nasir, Health Care Officer; participated in the training session.