Hand Hygiene Observation Streamlined with Mobile App

The Infection Control department of the Indus Hospital & Health Network, Korangi Campus, focuses on the highest quality of patient care through hand hygiene practices, aseptic techniques, and auditing patient care standards. Hand hygiene audit has been performed regularly to ensure that all aspects of healthcare services, including infection prevention and control, are handled appropriately and prevent healthcare-associated infections in patients and as well as the prevention of health care workers. Previously the trained Infection Control Practitioners (ICPs) used to observe hand hygiene via paper forms with a WHO structured audit form that was often used for collecting data before results were distributed. Consequently, it was time-consuming, expensive, and prone to transcription errors.

However, the trained ICPs have started using a paperless system, namely a mobile application for hand hygiene observation data collection that has significantly improved and streamlined the process.
After collecting the data, the ICPs send their observations to the mobile application server. Once the data has been exported, IHHN’s research analysts compile and analyze it on a monthly basis.
This mobile application’s web platform allows IHHN to securely build and manage online databases and surveys. Hi-tech apps effectively replace paper and pen booklets. These apps reduce the time and increase the efficiency of hand hygiene tracking support and step-by-step procedures to prevent infections.