The International Committee of the Red Cross Emergency Room Trauma Course (ERTC)

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) jointly organized an Emergency Room Trauma Course (ERTC) 3 day seminar from 31st May to the 2nd of June with The Indus Hospital (TIH). The seminar provided an intensive course on the various regions of the body that have under gone Trauma. Speaker Dr Bona Venture opened the program with a discussion on amputees, mentioning special care of amputees with regards to the remaining stumps on the legs. He continued on discussing prosthetics and the best care of the leg to be prepared for these, commending TIH’s rehabilitation program and the work they were doing. He concluded on the available and new technology developments in prosthetics. Dr Rohit guided the attendees through the ABCs of trauma covering different types such as abdominal Trauma and head trauma. TIH’s Dr. Ghina Shamsi continued the seminar covering Airway and ventilation and Thoracic injuries. Other speakers were Dr Ghazanfar of TIH who covered shock . The seminar closed with ceremony where certificates of participation were handed to attendants and awards handed to the visiting speakers.