IHHN, Korangi Campus Collaborates with Professor Dr. David J Howard for a Workshop on Innovation in Medicine and Surgery

IHHN conducted a workshop on “Innovation in Medicine and Surgery,” for medical doctors working at the Indus Hospital, Korangi Campus. The purpose of the workshop was to sensitize participants to the importance and role of innovation in optimizing patient outcomes.

The speaker for this workshop was Dr. David J Howard, renowned Professor of ENT/Head & Neck Oncology (Imperial NHS Trust Hospitals, London) and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Laryngology (Royal National ENT Hospital, University College London). He lauded Pakistan for its population of highly educated and talented professionals, noting that the country has great potential to develop new techniques in healthcare, engineering and many other sciences. Dr. David J Howard also stated there are still many diseases that are not understood fully, and that there is much opportunity for research in these areas to develop better medicine, drugs, vaccines, and technology.

The workshop was attended by 15 medical doctors from ENT, Pulmonology and Anesthesia departments. Dr. David J Howard’s talk was well received, particularly his insightful perspective on “looking backward to move forward,” and innovating on old concepts to reintroduce them as new and better solutions. He mentioned that the negative pressure “iron lungs,” common during the polio epidemics of the 20th century but replaced by positive pressure respiratory support, are once again being studied for reintroduction in patients with COPD, pneumonia and neuromuscular weakness.

Chairman of AAS Trust, and Chairman of Alsons Group, Mr. Abdul Rehman Allana, was also present at the workshop, joined by Mr. Manzoor Sheikh and Mr. M Anjum Noor from Alsons Group.