Indus Hospital & Health Network Recruiting Participants for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine

KARACHI: The Indus Hospital, Korangi Campus has become a site for another potential COVID-19 vaccine by Chinese vaccine maker Anhui Zhifei Longcom Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The company has developed a three-dose receptor-binding domain-based protein subunit COVID-19 vaccine. Pakistan – among Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and Ecuador – is selected as part of the vaccine trial. The trial aims at recruiting 10,000 participants.

According to the details, the vaccine will be administered on the 1st, 30th, and 60th day of enrollment. The vaccine trial is ideal for those who are unlikely to get the government vaccine for several months, that is, young i.e. over 18 years of age, not a healthcare worker, and are unlikely to receive a vaccine until the end of 2021. The trial is also suitable for those who are worried about their ability to buy the COVID-19 vaccine and are comfortable with a 50% random chance of receiving the vaccine (which is part of the trial process).

Healthy participants who are over 18 years of age, do not have major or un-controlled health issues, and are not pregnant, lactating, or planning to conceive until two months of vaccination can become part of the trial.

Potential participants will undergo a screening for COVID-19 i.e. if they had been infected via the antibody test or go through a PCR swab to check if they are infected.

Once cleared to become part of the trial, the participant will be enrolled in the trial and given a total of three injections, thirty days apart. This may be the vaccine or a placebo, which neither the participant or the trial staff will know as per the trial protocol.

The participant will remain part of the trial for 14 months. During these 14 months, participants will be asked to fill a diary and keep a record of the reaction after each injection. Participants will be compensated a total of PKR 16,000 for their time and effort.

For more information, please write to or contact 0302 9464 734.