All Smiles at ‘Khushiyon Ka Eid Bazaar 2023’!

Indus Hospital organized its third annual ‘Khushiyon Ka Eid Bazaar” for pediatric patients registered for various illnesses at the Indus Hospital Korangi Campus, in Karachi. Each year this week-long bazaar is set up in the last week of Ramazan, to give an opportunity for these precious children to partake in Eid festivities that they would have otherwise missed out on.

This year, more than 1,500 children participated in the Bazaar activities and enjoyed shopping for new clothes, shoes, bangles, jewelry, toys, and fashion accessories, including smartwatches, sunglasses, decorated purses, and other gifts for Eid on their own. They were also treated to delicious snacks, such as ice cream and popcorn. A mehendi (henna) stall was also present, where children got lovely mehendi designs applied in celebration of Eid. All bazaar activities and items were provided to the children absolutely free of cost.

Volunteering at the stalls was Husnain, a pediatric cancer survivor who showed up to support IHHN’s Eid Bazaar. Speaking at the occasion, he said, “I still remember coming to Indus’s Eid Bazaar when I was in the hospital for treatment. I am incredibly proud and happy to be here at the Eid bazaar today, helping those whose shoes I was in not too long ago. My message to all those fighting cancer even now is to continue fighting bravely against cancer and never give up hope!”

‘Khushiyon Ka Eid Bazaar” is a testament to IHHN’s commitment to safeguarding the lives of its pediatric patients and their caregivers by caring for their physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

The Bazaar’s objective is two-fold; to allow patients to partake in Eid festivities they would otherwise have missed out on, and to also provide their parents the chance to see their child enjoy these little joys & pleasures that they are otherwise deprived of due to treatment and financial strain on the family.

For many families, IHHN’s Eid Bazaar was the first occasion where they were able to take part in Eid festivities and get new clothes, shoes, and goodies for their little ones.

Indus Hospital is immensely grateful to student volunteers from various schools and universities from Karachi, ambassadors of IHHN, renowned celebrities, individuals, corporates, and other well-wishers who extended their support to IHHN to host the Bazaar.