The Indus Hospital Conducts a Seminar and Live Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Joints wear and tear is a natural process which occurs in the aging population. Annually 4000 joints have been replaced in Pakistan. These facts were shared during a seminar conducted at The Indus Hospital (TIH) on May 1, 2017. The half day seminar was focused on “Total Hip Replacement Anterior Hip Approach”.

Professor Amin Chinoy, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, TIH opened the session and invited Professor Muhammad Umer, founder and surgeon-in-chief of Institute of Orthopaedics and Surgery to present on “Traditional Approach of Total Hip Replacement”. He also shared his experience on Posterior Approach. Professor Syed Shahid Noor, Orthopedic Consultant Liaquat National Hospital spoke on “Anterolateral Approach” (A minimally-invasive procedure, anterolateral total hip replacement is performed through a small incision on the anterior, or side, of the hip).

While speaking at the event, Professor Mansoor Ali Khan, Senior Orthopedic Consultant, TIH said, “Since the average age is increasing in Pakistan thus the need of joint replacement is also growing. It is highly inspiring that patients are able to resume a normal life after these surgeries and they don’t become a liability for their families.”

Professor Amin Chinoy said that, “Indus Hospital is doing knee and hip replacement surgeries since 2008. Joint replacement is a costly procedure but TIH does it absolutely free of cost. Indus caters 80-100 patients annually, however, the number of patients is increasing exponentially and the hospital has a waiting list till 2025.”

The seminar was followed by a live joint replacement surgery. The surgery was first of a series of 25 surgeries which will be conducted in the next four days. Live surgery was performed by Dr Umar Burney, Master Trainer, Zimmer Biomet, USA and TIH team which consisted of: Professor Amin Chinoy; Professor Mansoor Ali Khan et al.

Professor Mansoor Khan informed that Zimmer Biomet, USA is one of the largest medical device manufacturers. It has donated 25 surgical implants to TIH in order to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and is planning to continue this practice in future. Prof Khan thanked Zimmer Biomet for its generous support.

Live surgery was followed by a panel discussion in which experts shared their experiences and discussed pros and cons of various joint replacement techniques. The event was ended with a vote of thanks by Professor Mansoor Ali Khan.

The event was attended by notable physicians from different hospitals.