Neha Mankani Receives “Heroines Of Health” 2021 Award For Her Beyond Applause Services

Neha Mankani, Senior Manager – Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition, Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), has received the Beyond Applause: Heroines of Health 2021 Award. The virtual event took place on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.
Women in Global Health hosted the Heroines of Health Gala. They worked in partnership with the Johnson & Johnson Foundation to celebrate female leadership in global health.

The Women in Global Health is honoring this year’s Heroines of Health Awardees, amplifying the work of exceptional leaders and champions on the frontlines of COVID-19. This includes those accelerating policy changes for a gender-equal health workforce. The prestigious award is given to exceptional healthcare workers who have demonstrated excellence in clinical practice, education, administration, or research relating to midwifery and women’s health.

Neha, a midwife, is one of the seven recipients of the award. The International Confederation of Midwives nominated her for improving access to services for women by increasing midwife graduates’ confidence and technical skills. She is a strong advocate for women and midwives and the issues they face.

Neha – a graduate of the ICM Young Leaders Programme – heads the Karachi chapter of the Midwifery Association of Pakistan. She currently works with the Indus Hospital and Health Network in setting up and managing Midwife Led Models of Care at Primary Care settings around the country.

“A big part of our role as midwives is to provide compassionate care during this difficult stage of mothers’ lives when they face not only physical but emotional challenges.” Neha said while addressing the event.

Services provided by IHHN-run and managed facilities

The Indus Hospital Bhong, Al-Ghazi Trust Campus started a midwife-run labor room after much demand from the community for free and high-quality birthing services. After seeing the program’s success, the Gurmani Clinic in Muzaffargarh and A&M Hospital in Kashmir have scaled up midwife-led delivery units. The program is run by teams of community midwives from the area who were provided with intensive training.

The midwives provide antenatal care and ultrasound services to women throughout their pregnancy. In addition, they run a labor room 24/7, post-delivery check-ups, newborn care checks, and lactation support. Midwives are also providing antenatal and postnatal care at other Primary Care sites across the country, including Sehwan, Shadi Large, Baba Island in Sindh, and Shadi Large and the Boat Clinic in Punjab.