Radiography Day

Radiography is a fundamental part of the basic healthcare facilities required by people all over the world. On 8th November, the Indus Health Network joined the rest of the world as we celebrated the anniversary of the discovery of X-rays. X-rays are crucial to the diagnostic services that hospitals provide and the healthcare professionals trained in them are vital contributors to the medical field.

More than 1,50,000 patients have benefited from the X-ray services at the Indus Health Network, additionally, 54,000 patients have received ultrasounds, 6,046 patients have received CT scans, 1,000 patients have received MRIs and 2,600 interventional radiology procedures have been conducted. These services can often cost anywhere between Rs. 500 to 150,000 in Pakistan depending upon the nature and place they are conducted from. The Indus Health Network provides these services for free and endeavors to ensure health coverage for all the people in the country.

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