The Indus Hospital Installs Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine

Karachi, Pakistan

October 18, 2019

The Indus Hospital is proud to announce the installation of its first MRI machine in the Korangi Campus, Karachi. The machine has been functional from September 2019.

MRI uses a powerful magnetic field and a series of radio wave energy pulses to produce detailed images of structures inside the body. It is a safe and painless procedure. The images produced help in examining the internal parts of the body to aid in diagnosis of diseases.

The establishment of MRI service is an endeavor to facilitate patients and care providers as earlier these patients were sent to other hospitals which caused them in-convenience as well as incurred significant costs to the hospital. Last year, over 500 patients were referred out for MRI including adults, children, and infants. Since the initiation of this service over 50 patients have benefitted.

The establishment of MRI service also paves the way to a strong Radiology Residency Program at the Indus Hospital as per the requirements of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan and helps in achieving a higher standard of training and competency alongside working with compassion while amongst the less privileged.

The state-of-the-art MRI machine TIH has acquired is a Philips Ingenia Prodiva 1.5 Tesla CS which produces high quality images. It has a digital interface which enables fast imaging. It also has special features that allow complex imaging of brain and heart. Currently, three operators are available to perform the procedures.

The Department of Radiology and Imaging at the Indus Hospital, Karachi provides a wide range of imaging services, including both routine and specialized procedures such as x-rays, ultrasound, interventional ultrasound, computed tomography, interventional radiology, and mammography.  MRI is the latest addition in the radiology department and it’ll help Indus to achieve a higher standard of care.