The Indus Hospital’s Infection Control Practitioners Participate in International Society of Pediatric Oncology Congress 2019

The Infection Control Department represented the Indus Hospital in the International Society of Pediatric Oncology Congress (SIOP) 2019. Ms. Shabnam Bilal, Ms. Aisha Maroof, and Ms. Kareema Qadir participated in the congress which was held in Lyon, France. This year the theme was ‘No Child Should Die of Cancer’.

The team presented posters and e-posters in the congress. The team also submitted an abstract. Infection control strategies are a fundamental part of modern oncologic care and comprise a multilevel approach for immunocompromised patients including the healthcare environment and healthcare workers. Application of infection prevention and control measures are synonymous with safety, quality, resource saving, and the rights of patients, staff, and visitors. The congress provided an international forum for sharing experiences and to learn from other research and healthcare institutions’ best practices.