To Hear for Life, Listen with Care.

On World Hearing Day on March 3, 2022, Indus Hospital & Health Network conducted awareness sessions for students visiting the TDF MagnifiScience Centre. More than 650 students from five schools from Karachi attended the interactive sessions.

Hearing can be impacted by some of the following causes; damage to inner ear due to aging and exposure to loud noise, buildup of earwax, ear infections, ruptured eardrum due to loud noise, poking eardrum with an object, or an infection.

By adapting habits of safe listening one can prevent hearing imparity at early age. Some of the prevention measures include; keeping the volume down, avoid going to loud and noisy places, limit the time spent in loud areas, get your ears checked regularly, usage of ear plugs.

In line with the global theme of the World Hearing Day 2022 “To Hear for Life, Listen with Care.”, speech therapists from IHHN – Khadija Fatima and Farah Iqbal talked to the students about ear health and how to prevent hearing loss and deafness. Students actively participated and shared their learning and experiences they have had with someone who suffered from hearing loss. They all pledged to change not only their own lifestyle but would encourage their family and friends to adopt healthy and safe listening habits in their lives.

This was an educational, fun and interactive session series is part of the partnership of IHHN and TDF MSC to host health education and awareness sessions for the visitors and staff of Centre