Wall Painting Activity Done by HIV patients at The Indus Hospital

The HIV program at Indus Health Network conducted a wall painting activity to launch the Anti Retro Viral Therapy Center (ARTC) adherence club. The HIV clinic dispenses medicine for treatment of HIV/AIDS patients. The patients visiting this clinic are IV drug abusers, street based patients, trans-genders, male to male sex workers, deportees etc. These patients often do not comply with the treatment of HIV/AIDS which in effect leads them to be at a greater risk to themselves and the society at large. Therefore the ARTC adherence club has been set up to rehabilitate patients and make efforts to make them adherent to the lifelong treatment of HIV/AIDS in order to keep them healthy and safe for the population at large.

The ARTC adherence club formally launched itself with a wall painting activity on 2nd April, 2019 at the TIH, Korangi campus. The event kicked off with Dr. Naseem Salahuddin, Head of Infectious Diseases at The Indus Hospital who emphasized the importance of adherence to the treatment of HIV/AIDS. This activity was done in partnership with Nelson Paints in an effort to engage the HIV/AIDS patients in order to make them feel like useful citizens and to give them a sense of ownership of the place where they receive treatment. The patients painted the wall with colorful and unique designs as well as motivational and positive sayings and quotes. This wall painting activity was very well received by the patients, they got very involved in painting and felt very happy whilst doing it.