World Diabetes Day 2022 – Education to Protect Tomorrow

In commemoration of World Diabetes Day 2022, several events were held at the Indus Hospital and Health Network’s (IHHN) Korangi Campus and Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus (SSMC) to raise awareness about the prevention, management, and signs & symptoms of diabetes. The events were conducted in line with the international theme “Education to Protect Tomorrow.”

The events were jointly organized by the Department of Family Medicine – Primary Care Program, Department of Diabetes & Endocrinology – Diabetes Management Program CHD, Department of Clinical Nutrition, and Department of OBS/GYNE at Indus Hospital & Health Network, Korangi Campus and SSMC.


Employee Awareness Session – November 21, 2022

An all-staff awareness session was held at IHHN, Korangi Campus for IHHN employees who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, and/or have a family history of diabetes.

The session started off with a Diabetes & Obesity Risk Screening which included BMI, waist circumference, and blood sugar tests. This was followed by an interactive session on Diabetes Prevention and Management, which discussed topics including diabetes complications, beneficial dietary approaches, and diabetes education and foot care. A Question/Answer session was held at the end of the event to give attendees the opportunity to address misunderstandings and further their knowledge of the illness.

Speakers at the event include Dr. A. Shakoor, Head of Department and Consultant, Diabetes and Endocrinology; Dr. Saba Akhtar, Specialist, Diabetes and Endocrinology; Ms. Misbah Kamran, Clinical Nutritionist, Department of Clinical Nutrition; Dr. Ayesha Sarfaraz, Specialist, Family Medicine, and Dr. Mahwish Fatima, Program Coordinator, Diabetes and Hypertension.


Diabetes Awareness Walk – November 22, 2022 

A memorable walk was held at IHHN, Korangi Campus, to raise awareness of Diabetes. The event began with a recitation of the Holy Quran and included a screening in the Family Medicine Hall for attendees. Taking part in the awareness walk were IHHN employees, patients, and Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, Founder and President of IHHN.


Diabetes Screening and Awareness Session – November 23, 2022 

A thorough Diabetes Screening & Awareness Session was held at the Family Medicine Hall at IHHN, Korangi Campus. Several topics were discussed, including the management of Diabetes & OHGs, Insulin use and myths, Dietary Management of Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy, and Depression Management in Diabetic Patients. In the end, a Question-and-Answer session was held to further the knowledge and understanding of the attendees. Free-of-cost health meal packs were also distributed to the patients present.


Diabetes in Pregnancy November 24, 2022

Diabetes in Pregnancy (DIP) is on the rise, with a prevalence of 28% in Southeast Asia (IDF 2021). Currently, the incidence at SSMC is approximately 21-22%, and the team manages DIP as an outpatient program that is largely based on diabetes education including medical nutrition therapy and self-monitoring of blood glucose.

An awareness session was held at SSMC for women with Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and non-pregnant women in the GYNE clinic who are at high risk of developing diabetes mellitus. In the end, a Question-and-Answer session and quiz were held to gauge the learning of the participants. This was followed by a screening for Diabetes Mellitus.

Program speakers included Ms. Zeenat, Dr. Moattar Majeed, and Dr. Aisha Wali.