Being Benevolent In an Unjust World

‘Firdous – the most selfless and caring person in my life, taught me the real meaning of being generous. Firdous Liver Center is a gift from her to the entire nation to treat the patients of HCV, free of cost,’ Ishrat Hussain, a thoughtful husband from USA.

Many work for a cause, but only a few are truly altruistic. Ishrat, who has made his life’s purpose to fight Hepatitis C (HCV) in Pakistan, is one of those humanitarian.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has the world’s second-highest prevalence rate of HCV. More than 8 million lives are exposed to this life-threatening disease every year, with 1 in 20 being infected. HCV is a curable disease, yet people in the country die due to unavailability and unaffordability of medical facilities. Ishrat’s wife, Firdous, was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2001. She fearlessly battled the disease for 6 years, until it sapped away her health. It was after her demise that Ishrat and his family pledged to construct a Liver Center, at The Indus Hospital in Karachi as part of the expansion of the existing building, where all patients are provided quality care absolutely free of cost.

Ishrat initiated raising funds for the Liver Center in 2016 as an act of compassion and pure devotion for thousands of patients who do not have access to quality healthcare. The project is a ray of hope for numerous lives. Individuals like Ishrat make it possible for us to wake in a healthier and hopeful Pakistan.