Cradling her last hope-Taj Bibi’s story

There is a sea of mosquitos swarming near the tents. The air is hot and the temperature is 40 degrees. There are hundreds of children who are roaming around without any proper clothes or shoes on their bodies. Most of them belong to families who have just fled the neighboring villages in interior Sindh to escape the catastrophic floods caused by the heavy monsoon.

Amongst these countless people is the face of Taj Bibi, a widow cradling her child close to her chest as she carries him around. Her child was burning with a hot fever for the past two days. However, there was no medical support at the relief camp she was in. When Taj Bibi heard that a medical camp had been set up by Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN), she immediately rushed with her child. “Please treat him, he has very high fever since two days, I am worried sick about him”.
Taj Bibi was forced to leave Sujawal when the water levels were declared dangerous by the local government. She picked up her two-year-old son and came with her sister’s in-laws to the relief camp in Thatta. Her son had been sick but since there was no medical team available at the site, Taj Bibi had no option but to wait helplessly.
“I just prayed to Allah to help me. When the water hit our home, my child was sleeping in the cot at that time. But Allah somehow saved him and I just took him out and carried him with me. I didn’t even get time to gather any belongings. He is all I have. When I saw the medical camp, I knew Allah has listened to me again and he will save him. The team here was very kind to my son. They treated me like a sister and I knew I could trust them”
Upon running some tests in IHHN’s medical camp, the team discovered that the child was suffering from Malaria. The staff immediately referred the child to a government hospital in Thatta where he was enrolled for malaria treatment. There are countless people like Taj Bibi who require immediate medical help. Support our flood relief efforts to help your brothers and sisters in need!