Helping the disabled since the establishment of The Indus Hospital: Dr. Amin Chinoy

“I feel proud to claim that I was part of the group of doctors who created a miracle hospital for the downtrodden people of Pakistan”, says Dr. Amin Chinoy, the founding director and Executive Director for Physical and Rehabilitation Directorate, Indus Health Network.

Dr. Amin is a graduate of Dow University of Health Sciences. For the orthopedic surgeon, the journey has not been easy, just like anyone else who had been involved in setting up of the hospital. “It had been a 13-year-long journey. There were plenty of hurdles, but by the grace of Almighty we overcame them and went on to set-up one of the best medical facilities in the country,” he adds.

He continued, “We had a vision to build a hospital where people don’t have to worry about the payment. With a lot of struggle, the team acquired a building and started a 150-bed hospital in August 2007. As the Orthopedic Specialist, I was given the responsibility to set the Trauma and Orthopedic Department. Once the department was established, I was given another bigger responsibility – to set up the Physical and Rehabilitation Center which later transformed into a directorate running four Physical and Rehabilitation Centers across the country.”

The first Physical and Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) was established in 2015 at the Korangi Campus in Karachi in partnership with ICRC. After the successful management of the PRC, Dr Amin identified the need for this service in Punjab. He with his team in 2015 established the Physical & Rehabilitation Center at The Indus Hospital Bedian in Lahore and Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital in Muzaffargarh.

“We not only provide artificial limbs, but we also teach patients on how to use them. Along with orthopedic patients or those who we have operated on, the PRC offers out-patient therapy, inpatient therapy, post-surgery follow-up at all the four centers,” Dr. Amin adds.

In 2011, the Physical & Rehabilitation Center initiated ‘Pehla Qadam — Clubfoot program’ with the support of Amir Haider Foundation. The program was launched with an aim to treat children with club feet so that they are able to walk normally. To-date the program has benefited thousands of children. The program has now been scaled up to Badin, Lahore, Muzaffargarh, and most recently Kandhkot.

With the growing need for physical and rehabilitation services, the challenge to have the availability of qualified professionals to provide quality service was identified. The PRC is not only involved in service delivery but is also providing post-graduate training in different programs.

“We here at Indus want to train people who can go to different districts and help the people there. Not only are we aiming to provide quality healthcare to our patients, but also have the best caregivers in the field as well.”