Mahbeed Ali

When Mahbeed Ali was born he weighed only 1kg, with little hope that he would make it.

“When I would go for checkups during my pregnancy, I was informed that his [Mahbeed’s] weight is quite low and is not increasing. There was also the possibility that he would be born before the due date,” said Mahbeed’s mother.

“There were a lot of complications initially since he is my first child [the pregnancy] was quite difficult,” Mahbeed’s mother says, tears swelling in her eyes.

But the pain and turmoil that she was going through, did not stop there. At one of the checkups she was told that if she wanted, she could terminate the pregnancy since there were very few chances of him surviving.

But despite the odds, Mahbeed was born, weighing just 1kg. He was immediately placed in the Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), with the hope that he would survive and that his health issues would now be treated.

“The NICU team really cooperated and helped me. They explained everything to me and conducted all the relevant tests which came back normal.”

“Thanks to the NICU team, my son recovered quickly”

Mahbeed is now 2.5 years old, bright, and energetic.

“I am really happy that Allah has blessed him with a new life.”