Our Stories from Across Pakistan | Chutta Baba

“I am 18, and all my life I always thought that good quality healthcare was something reserved only for the very rich. I had accepted that it is not something I will ever be able to have access to. There was no health facility in the Kachhaa area on River Indus, and if someone was ill, we would have to take a boat to town and take them to a clinic.

When I developed a chest infection, I would barter my yield collected at the end of each season to pay for the boat trip. But ever since Indus Hospital & Health Network’s Boat Clinic visited Kacchaa, all our lives have been transformed! I can easily get my treatment without paying a single rupee, or giving up my hard earned yield. My family of 10 people can also avail treatment. We are grateful that the new generation will know that they too have the right to healthcare.” – Chutta Baba, 18, Southern Punjab, Pakistan.