Our Stories from Across Pakistan | Saba

“It was tough. I was depressed for a long time after I lost my first baby during full-term pregnancy. I was angry at myself, and angrier at the doctors for not doing enough. ‘Why didn’t they diagnose my gestational diabetes in time? Why didn’t we opt for a better hospital?’- these questions would keep haunting me.

Then I got pregnant again – I remember how fear enveloped me. However, I resolved that this time I would do everything to save my child. My friend advised me to go to The Indus Hospital in Muzaffargarh in case I developed gestational diabetes again. When I went there, the doctors understood my case and immediately started monitoring my sugar and medicine intake throughout my pregnancy. But once again, I developed complications near my delivery and was admitted to the hospital. I was terrified.

However, the nurses were so kind that I felt at home and they took care of me like their own. I delivered my baby in the comfort and care of the hospital staff. My baby is healthy and I am so relieved and grateful.” – Saba, D.G. Khan Road, Muzaffargarh, Punjab.