Our Stories from Across Pakistan | Shamim Faiz

“It started with a cough and then headaches and fatigue. I did not pay too much heed to it, I had 6 young children and a husband to look after, but soon my condition deteriorated so much so that wrapping a duppatta on my head was a struggle. My husband, who worked day and night at construction sites doing odd jobs, took me to Indus Hospital where I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I remember holding my husband’s hand and saying ‘I don’t want the treatment.’

I knew it would cost more than 2 to 3 lakh rupees, we as a family could not afford that, I felt I was nothing but a liability. I still remember the relief we felt when my husband asked ‘doctor is there any way we can pay it in installments’ and we were told that my entire treatment would be free. We did not believe it, but they were true to their word. My treatment was free and the staff followed up even when I missed an appointment, it is only because of them that I have survived this illness. Indus Hospital is a blessing for poor people like us.”- Shamim Faiz, 44, Bhong, Southern Punjab