Overcoming Clubfoot: A Father’s Story

Muhammad Imran belongs to Rahimyar Khan.  The family is consisted of Imran, his wife, and their three children. The unfortunate family suffers with clubfoot. 

According to Imran, “I was unable to walk much when I was young. As I would walk slowly, I was constantly ridiculed by other children. They would say ‘What would become of him?’ This is how time passed. Then I grew up and got married with a clubfoot girl. I am blessed with three children but unfortunately all of them have clubfoot as well. I feel hopeless about their future.  Some time ago, I met someone who referred us to the Indus Hospital saying that the excellent treatment is offered free for all.   

The treatment began with plaster applications which was followed by braces. They wore braces for three years and by the God’s grace, their situation has improved a lot.  

This brings immense happiness to us as I think that, although my clubfoot could not be treated, at least my children are healed and they would have better lives. We are very proud of the fact that Pakistan has such a great facility and system and such qualified and trained doctors.