Rising up, Back On the Street


A man who is the provider for his wife and two young daughters, can’t afford to sit home without any employment or business. Life could become a nightmare for such unfortunate people and especially if they are disabled. One such case was of Mohammad Shahid. 41 years old Shahid was a cardboard collector, with a small warehouse in New Karachi. Things were as okay as they could be for a poor man until he met with a small accident. Initially, he ignored the tiny wound but instead of healing, it started spreading towards the leg. During the treatment he found out that he is diabetic and his illness has reached an advance stage.

Soon, his affected leg was surgically removed. He stopped working as his work required strenuous physical labor. The disease, surgery, disability and resultant unemployment was traumatic for him and his family. He contacted a few medical care facilities for getting a prosthetic limb but he could not afford the exorbitant cost. For three long years he tried to get some help but nothing worked.

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, Shahid found out about the Indus Hospital’s Physical Rehabilitation Center. He came to the hospital, got a prosthetic limb fitted and after a few training sessions he was able to walk again. Though with some effort, now Shahid is able to earn a living again.