Shabeeran’s Road to Recovery

Shabeeran’s Road to Recovery

Shabeeran can’t imagine that a small accident could make her literally disabled. In her surroundings, people have fallen from motor bikes but they never had such major injuries. She sometimes wonder why it happened!

It was a bright sunny day of June. 24-year-old Shabeeran had an invitation for a function from her maternal side. Nasim Ali, her husband, was going to drop her at her relative’s place. He was riding the motor bike and Shabeeran was sitting behind him.

Nasim is an experienced motor bike driver and has never had any serious accidents. But that was an exceptional day. The bumpy road and chaotic traffic made his bike skid and he with Shbeeran fell on the under-construction road. Luckily Nasim remained safe but Shabeeran got badly injured. Her hip was badly hurt and she realized that she could not stand.

Nasim took her to Naushehro’s hospital where they found that her hip joint dislocated. They came home and Bandhwa/ Kumbhar (a local healer who ties bones and joints to realign them). After 40 days, he removed the bandage but Shabeeran was not yet able to walk. The healer again wrapped the bandage.

Nasim took Shabeeran to another Bandhwa. Before that they got an X-Ray done. The second healer checked the X-Ray and told them that her joint has wrongly aligned and now they should go to the hospital.

This time Nasim took her to a private clinic at Nawabshah where the doctor suggested him to go to the Indus Hospital, Karachi as Nasim could not afford the surgery. November 2, 2017 they reached the Indus Hospital. Shabeeran’s situation was so severe that the management bypassed all protocols and admitted her and the next day she was operated.

Shabeeran and her husband are so happy that after four-month long struggle and distress they finally found a hospital which didn’t charge a single rupee. The quick turnaround time and best post-operative care was a dream come true for them.