Surviving Cancer | The Story of Ayehsa Noor


Surviving Cancer | The Story of Ayehsa Noor

“Ayesha was always friendly but quiet-natured, we were never too worried when it came to her because her good nature enabled her to make friends. One day, early 2018 we saw her limping and went into a state of shock and confusion, she had never had this problem before,” Ayesha’s father recalls as he looks at her daughter sitting beside her.

Ayesha’s father upon noticing the limp hurried her to Indus Hospital in Korangi where she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Ayesha Noor was only 5.

The doctors informed her parents that Ayesha’s left leg would have to be amputated. Ayesha’s mother recalls how she cried uncontrollably thinking her daughter will not lead a normal life. However fortunately for the family, the doctors at Indus did not lose hope.

The young girl received the best treatment in our pediatric unit where the tumor was removed by amputating the infected leg. To help Ayesha get up on her feet the Indus Hospital’s Physical Rehabilitation Center custom-designed a prosthetic leg to help her walk.

Ayesha studied in ‘Indus Kay Sitaray’, Indus Hospital & Health Network’s schooling program for pediatric patients, during her treatment and graduated with her class fellows, walking down the stage independently, with the help of a prosthetic leg. The highlight of her treatment was when Pakistan Cricket Board graciously agreed to fly Ayesha and her father to Dubai to watch a cricket match where she met her favorite actors and celebrities. The event was a shining moment in the darkness that had enveloped her. It gave Ayesha hope and a will to keep fighting.

Today Ayesha is a happy seven-year-old, leading a normal and healthy life.