When Other Hospitals Treated COVID Positive Mom as an Untouchable

“My wife, Uzma was pregnant with my second baby when she got COVID-19 from me. I am a cardiologist and am employed with a public hospital. Despite taking all the safety measures I caught Corona and transferred it to my wife.” 

Dr. Akbar was telling his wife’s story who was denied of birthing from the hospital where she was registered. Dr. Akbar said, “I was deputed at the government hospital in Karachi. After COVID-19 outbreak I was assigned the duty to raise public awareness amongst police workers. I used to go to different areas to make traffic police and other workers aware of what COVID 19 is, and what precautions should be taken to save yourself and others. However, as the fate has it, I myself caught it. Once I felt the symptoms I got the whole family tested. I and my wife were COVID positive but luckily my two-years-old daughter was negative. I sent her to my brother’s house. We isolated ourselves. The actual problem started when my wife’s delivery date approached. She had a medical complication and had already lost our second child because of it, and now she had COVID as well. The hospital, upon knowing her COVID positive condition, refused to admit her. I tried my level best but no hospital was ready to take her. It was very depressing. When I had almost lost hope to see the child alive then god whispered through an angel. My colleague told me that the Indus Hospital’s Sheikh Saeed Campus has agreed to take my wife’s case.” 

He continued, “Earlier, I was at the verge of breaking down, but now I have started hoping to see my child alive. Dr. Samia ShujaSenior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology took personal interest in my wife’s case and decided to do a C-section. And on May 11, 2020, I was blessed with a baby girl. Right after her birth, she was tested for COVID and declared negative.” 

The happy father continued, Since we are not yet COVID negative so my brother’s family is looking after her. I and my wife are anxiously waiting for the day when we’ll reunite with our daughters. Indus Hospital was the only one which kept its doors open for us. I’m grateful to the hospital management and doctors for helping us in the time of need.”