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  • 1000 Kilometers for 1000 Chemotherapies

  • Agglutination Viewer


    An agglutination viewer illuminates and provides a magnified view of the undersurface of test tube contents. Used in blood typing.

  • Art Class

  • Ayesha’s Calligraphies

     8,000.00 10,000.00

    Ayesha, a young girl of 12, sank into deep depression when she was initially diagnosed with cancer. Seeing her talent, her family and therapists at the IHHN encouraged her to paint, because it was only when Ayesha painted, one could see a glimpse of the old carefree girl, who was not burdened by the weight of the disease and an uncertain future. Ayesha loves to do calligraphy of her favorite AYAATS from the Holy Quran.

  • Beat The Sugar Blues

  • Biosafety Cabinet


    A biological safety cabinet is a primary engineering control used to protect personnel against biohazardous or infectious agents and to help maintain quality control of the material being worked as it filters both the inflow and exhaust air.

  • Bliss


    Hamna is a strong willed girl with great passion for painting. When Hamna was initially diagnosed with leukemia, she was taken aback by the disease, but her optimistic personality helped her during chemotherapy. Hamna loves painting the night sky in pretty hues of blue and also the full moon, which for her is a symbol of strength as it shines in all its glory after completing its cycle.

  • Bookmarks


    Our colorful bookmarks can be perfect companion while you indulge in your favorite books. They can be a gentle reminder of the hardships faced by the patients battling cancer and them finding a little joy through spilling colors on a canvas.

    Rs 100

  • Coasters

     300.00 600.00

    These acrylic drink coasters feature colorful paintings of our pediatric cancer patients which express the emotions they experience during their journey of battling cancer.

    Rs 300

  • CPCOM Registration

  • CPCOM Workshop Registration

     5,000.00 10,000.00
  • CPEMI Course Fee

     24,303.46 285,923.00
  • CPEMI Registration Fee

  • CPEMN Course

     8,500.00 200,000.00
  • CPEMN Course Discounted

     5,900.00 70,000.00
  • CPEMN Course Fee DUHS

     8,500.00 100,000.00
  • CPEMN Registration

  • Digital Cell Counter


    Digital cell counter measures the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in the blood.

  • Donate for Flood Relief

     50,000.00 175,000.00
  • Eid Cards


    A pack of 5 Colorful cards crafted with love and care by one of our Indus Yaqeen volunteers as a tribute to children battling cancer, depicting their perspective on Eid festivities. A perfect way to share well wishes with your loved ones.

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  • Eid Packages

     1,000.00 1,500.00
  • Eidi Envelopes


    A pack of 10 Envelopes bursting with colors and enthusiasm made by one of our Indus Yaqeen volunteers as a tribute to children battling cancer, sharing their ideal Eid celebrations. Wrap your Eidi and caring thoughts in our envelopes this Eid.

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  • EY Pakistan Flood Relief Campaign

    From:  100.00

  • F-PEM 2023-24 Registration Fee

  • Firdos Liver Center

    From:  100.00

    In memory of his wife Mrs. Firdos Hussain who suffered from Hepatitis, Mr. Ishrat Husain in collaboration with Indus Hospital & Health Network conceived the idea of establishing a center of excellence for patients suffering from liver diseases to receive free of cost, quality treatment in Pakistan. Mr. Ishart Hussain’s family pledged to sponsor the cost of construction and operation of the facility with the help of their friends and family members.

  • Flood Relief

    From:  100.00

  • Flood Relief Zakat

    From:  100.00

  • FPEM 23-24 Course Fee

     37,500.00 150,000.00
  • FPEM 23-24 Course Fee Non Indus Installment

  • FPEMI Course Fee

     150.00 1,500.00
  • FPEMI Registration Fee

  • FPEMN Course Fee

    From:  5,000.00

  • FPEMN Registration Fee

  • FPS Mini-NoteBook

  • FPS Notebook

  • German 101

  • Gift Pack

  • Group Artwork

     5,000.00 15,000.00

    The therapists at IHHN feel that art is the single most effective therapeutic tool for pediatric cancer patients because it provides hours of entertainment, distraction and a sense of achievement. Our therapists therefore encourage group art work where volunteers are invited to work with groups of children to create pieces of art. Group art work has the added benefit of being an icebreaker for young patients and we have witnessed many friendships start and bloom over pots of paints and canvases.

  • Hope


    12 year old, Maryam Ghaffar is from Khazdar, Quetta. Maryam’s cheerful, bubbly personality makes one want to sit and have a conversation with her, if only to catch some of her positive vibes. Maryam’s story is unique because she fought and came back from the ventilator when everyone had given up on her recovery. Her paintings are all about hope and about living each moment to the fullest.

  • I was written off… by Talat azad


    I WAS WRITTEN OFF… is a collection of six stories of inspiring women with self-determination and courage. All these women are high achievers and professionals in their own right with severe disabilities. These six inspiring women include Anam, a consultant psychiatrist, activist, soft skills trainer, and motivational speaker; Hina, dental surgeon and motivational speaker; Nuzhat, business entrepreneur; Tanzila, business entrepreneur, activist, and writer; Uzma, human resource specialist, social worker, and certified success coach; and Zarina, doctor, virologist, artist, and motivational speaker.

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  • Protected: IHHN Emergency Medicine Leadership Course Fee

  • In The Loving Memory of Dr. Omair Kamal

    From:  100.00

    A successful oncologist, a loving husband, and a caring friend; Dr. Omair Kamal lost the battle to renal cancer on Friday, August 20, 2021.

    Death leaves a vacuum behind, but the memories keep the name alive. Dr. Kamal might have left this world, but he will always live within our hearts because of his charismatic personality and unforgettable achievements. One of his most celebrated achievements during his career as an oncologist was his exceptional performance of the ‘First Bone Marrow Transplant’ at Loma Linda University Hospital, California.

    He was not only loved by his family and friends but he also left a mark on his patients. One of Dr. Omair Kamal’s patients remembered him with the words, ‘I called him my angel – his expertise answered questions that no one else could. He got me to the path of care I most desperately needed.’

    Graduating from Sindh Medical College in 2000, Dr. Kamal became a mentor for many Pakistani doctors from various medical colleges and helped them in their medical residency in the USA. We pray to the Almighty that may he be granted the highest place in Jannah with eternal peace, blessings, and mercy.

    In the loving memory of Dr. Omair Kamal and to honor his passion for the field of Oncology, we pledge to support the ‘Oncology wing at Indus Hospital & Health Network’ in Karachi, Pakistan. You can help us achieve this ambitious goal by donating to this noble cause of providing quality care free of cost to patients with different forms of cancer.

  • Keychains


    These unique keychains can be the best partner of your everyday life and help you connect with our pediatric cancer patients as their paintings express their everyday feelings as a cancer patient.

    Rs 300

  • MaginifiScience Center

    From:  100.00

    “A fun and educational experience for our Pediatric Patients. Donate and help us in taking them to the MaginifiScience Centre.”

  • Magnets

     50.00 100.00
  • Microscope


    What is the utility of microscope?
    The microscope is one of the most important tools used in chemistry and biology. This instrument allows a scientist or doctor to magnify an object to look at it in detail. Many types of microscopes exist, allowing different levels of magnification and producing different types of images.

  • Mug


    Our 11oz porcelain mugs are printed with colourful paintings which express stories of our cancer patients, it is a perfect way for you to connect with them every day

  • Mugs


    Our 11oz porcelain mugs are printed with colorful paintings which express stories of our childhood cancer patients. It is a perfect way for you to connect with them every day.

    Rs 600

  • New Hospital Building

    From:  5,000.00

    IHHN is building the largest free of cost, private hospital of Pakistan in Karachi. The grey structure of the new building is complete. Come forward and help us complete this hospital with your donations.

  • Notebooks


    Our 250 paged notebooks, front cover printed with expressive paintings by our cancer patients are the perfect place to store your thoughts and write your story.

  • Plain Greeting Cards


    A pack of 5 Colorful cards crafted with love and care by one of our Indus Yaqeen volunteers as a tribute to children battling cancer. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, these cards are a perfect way for conveying your warm wishes and making someone’s day even more special.

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  • Plasma Thawer


    It is required to thaw up fresh frozen plasma and warming of whole blood, red blood cells, and crystalloid infusion solutions prior to transfusion for future infusion into a patient

  • Relax & Release

    From:  100.00

  • Rise Drive Win Lives!

    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2021
    For More Information

  • Sadaqah-e-Fitr (Fitrana)

     280.00 10,500.00

    Sadaqah-e-Fitr acts as a means of purification for your fasts as Ramazan comes to an end. Fulfill the wajib ibadat and give your Fitrana to the deserving patients of Indus Hospital & Health Network.

  • Simulation Instructor Workshop

  • Simulation Instructor Workshop

  • Sunrise


    Habib ur Rehman, a boy from interior Sindh was diagnosed with cancer when he was 14 years old. Habib’s strong personality allows him to stay optimistic through his ongoing treatment. While at IHHN his emotional needs are also well looked after and his paintings show that he sees the hospital as a place where happiness is harvested. Habib is fighting cancer with a firm belief of complete recovery and sees himself amongst his family and friends soon.

  • Tote Bags


    Spread love, care and generosity, buy our colorful reusable totebags, environmentally friendly and perfect for everyday use.

  • Vortex Mixer


    Vortex mixers are one of the primary technologies for mixing laboratory samples in test tubes, well plates, or flasks. They use a fairly simple mechanism to agitate samples and encourage reactions or homogenization with high degrees of precision.

  • Water Cooler


    The presence of safe drinking water facilities at a hospital are crucial for staff, patients and attendants to remain hydrated. Without high quality water coolers that have purifiers installed, water supply can become contaminated by pathogens and pose a threat to health. Access to safe and pure drinking water in a patient waiting area is particularly important since many patients may be immunocompromised or vulnerable to germs and waterborne diseases. With the help of a high quality water cooler in the patient waiting area, patients can easily access safe water and avoid leaving the hospital to find drinking water.

  • Waterfall


    When Uroosa was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16, she was initially overtaken by disabling fear and depression. Gradually she found respite in art, and used the lonely hours to express her feelings in a creative way. As her treatment progressed her palette changed to more vibrant colors, which were an indicator of the hope and strength she started to feel.

  • Yaqub Magnet

  • Yaqub Mug

  • Yaqub Notebook

  • Zakat

    From:  100.00

    More than 70% of patients benefiting from our services are Zakat eligible. Observe the ‘farz’ of Zakat and help save more lives

  • Zakat Lahore

    From:  100.00

    With your Zakat, we can serve the under-served patients visiting Indus Hospital & Health Network – QF, NST & SMP Campus with absolutely free and quality healthcare.

  • Protected: Zakat Test

    From:  1.00

    More than 70% patients benefiting from our services are Zakat eligible. Open your heart. Be generous with your Zakat

  • General Donation

    From:  100.00

    Your donation helps us provide free & quality healthcare to communities across Pakistan

  • General Donation Lahore

    From:  100.00

    Your donation will help us fully operationalize Indus Hospital & Health Network – QF, NST & SMP Campus and provide free-of-cost, quality healthcare to people of Lahore and adjoining areas.

  • General Donation test

    From:  1.00

    Your donation helps us provide free & quality healthcare to all communities in 52 districts across Pakistan

  • Sadaqah

    From:  100.00

    Your Sadaqah will help us provide free of charge services to patients at Indus Hospital & Health Network.

  • Sadaqah Lahore

    From:  100.00

    Your Sadqa will a patient at Indus Hospital & Health Network – QF, NST & SMP Campus heal. Donate now.

  • COVID-19

    From:  100.00

    Help us combat COVID-19 in Pakistan. Together we can beat Corona.

  • Childhood Cancer

    From:  100.00

    Cancer in children is curable. Help us save the next generation of Pakistan.

  • Sponsor a Patient

    From:  100.00

    Cancer in children is curable. Help us save the next generation of Pakistan.

  • Angiography


    Pakistani population is at high risk for coronary artery disease. Donate, and help a patient access timely cardiac intervention.

  • Angioplasty


    Pakistani population is at high risk for coronary artery disease. Donate, and help a patient access timely cardiac intervention.

  • Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO)


    Some people cannot control the motion and position of their ankle on their own. Donate, and help a patient keep up with daily activities without falling or stumbling.

  • Appendectomy


    An inflamed appendix can burst and threaten the life of a patient. Donate, and help a patient avoid complications from appendicitis.

  • Biopsy


    Medical treatment cannot start without diagnosis. Donate, and help a patient get a biopsy and start their treatment.