Gifting stock is a simple and powerful way to contribute and support the ongoing free of cost healthcare services provided by Indus Hospital & Health Network

Financial Advantages

Donating Stocks has Many Financial Advantages


Reduce Future Capital Gains

Stocks held for long periods can set the stage for substantial gains and subsequent tax deductions on sale. Donating appreciated shares, and then buying new shares will reset their cost basis at the current, higher price. This step will reduce future capital gains tax exposure if the stock continues to grow in value.


Re-balance Your Portfolio

A diversified stock portfolio is a healthy one. Whether you rebalance your holdings through active shifting allocations or through selling of stocks it is always a good practice to diversify the portfolio.

Donating appreciated stock to charity is an effective means of doing so.


Make Bigger Donations

Donating stock bought before July 1st 2013 will be not be subject to capital gains tax (CGT) deduction leading to not only tax savings but at the same time helping in making a larger donation.


Process for Donating Stocks

Step 01

To donate stocks

Click on the icon tab “donate through shares” and enter your contact details.

Step 02

Await to be contacted by our representative

Upon receipt, our designated representative will:

Contact you within 12 hours

Acquire the required details to fill out the requisite Gift Notice (on Central Depository Companies prescribed Format) & Gift Deed (on Legal Stamp Paper)

Bring the documents to your designated address for signing

Step 03

Submission to Broker by our representative

Once you sign the Gift Notice & Gift Deed, our representative will submit the documents to your designated broker.

Step 04

Authorization to broker for Transfer

You will then be required to ask your designated broker to:

Initiate the transaction on the PSX Trading Terminal.

Submit the NDM report, the signed Gift notice, Gift deed and other required documentation to CDC.

Submit the NDM report, the signed Gift notice, Gift deed and other required documentation to CDC.

Step 05

Transfer of Shares to IHHN

Your broker will then log on the PSX Trading Terminal and transfer the shares to Indus Hospital & Health Network’s designated participant account maintained with its broker

Step 06

Generation of Acknowledgement Receipt

On the completion of the transaction, Indus Hospital & Health Network will send you an acknowledgement receipt for your generous donation which can be used by a donor to claim a tax credit

Individuals or organizations can donate Shariah-compliant stocks and shares to the Waqf fund