corporate ambassador

Moneeza Usman Butt

Ms. Moneeza Usman Butt / Partner KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co

“Our firm collectively, as well as our partners individually, support and contribute to the great cause of Indus Hospital of saving lives and serving humanity.”
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Mr. Riaz Ahmed

Mr. Riaz Ahmed / CEO M.N Textiles Private Limited

“It (Indus) can grow exponentially with our support. I request all corporates to come forward and support this noble mission and also encourage others to support.”
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Mr. Farhan Hanif

Mr. Farhan Hanif / Mr. Farhan Hanif, Chairman, Crown Group of Companies

“I request my friends, fellow donors and the corporate sector to fully support Indus Hospital. I trust the organization; whatever you will be donating to it will be utilized for the benefit of the deserving.”
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Mr. Hadi Akberali

Mr. Hadi Akberali / COO, Amreli Steels Limited

“We are very clear for the reasons why we support Indus Hospital. The most important one is that Indus is giving a basic human right to individuals in Pakistan when the public medical infrastructure is in shambles.”
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Masood Ahmed

Masood Ahmed / Masood Ahmed, CEO, Hospicare

“To take Indus Hospital to 1300+ beds, I need the support of people like you to join us and help complete (the new hospital) by 2023.”
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Sadaf Saeed

Sadaf Saeed / CEO, Golden Harvest

“IHHN is now moving from 300 beds to 1300+ beds hospital, all on charity. I am encouraging you to play your part and help Indus Hospital achieve its objective.”
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Mr. Fazal Illahi

Mr. Fazal Illahi / CEO, Sahoolat Kar

“I think all the citizens of the country should make an effort to help Indus Hospital & Health Network - not only financially, but intellectually as well.”
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Mr. Danish Aman

Mr. Danish Aman / Director, Hafiz Tannery

“My appeal to you is that to support the expansion of the Indus Hospital & Health Network which is currently going on. (You should) try to help them however it is possible, be it financial support or through provision of any equipment.”
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Mr. Kamal Mian

Mr. Kamal Mian / Director, Fast Cables

“We are pleased to play our part in different projects of (Indus Hospital & Health Network). As a Corporate Ambassador of Indus Hospital, I request the business community to be part of their various projects as well.”
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Khadija Hashimi

Kahdija Hashimi – SCB / Head, Corporate Affairs and Brand & Marketing, AME & Country Head, Pakistan, Standard Chartered

“It’s no doubt why we choose Indus Hospital & Health Network; (it is) because of the agility, creativity and amazing outreach the Hospital has across Pakistan.”
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Muhammad Imran Yousuf

Dr. Muhammad Imran Yousuf / Managing Director

Jofa Group
“If my words and my work can benefit The Indus Hospital, then my life in this world and in the hereafter will be that of success.”
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Mr. Moidul Hassan

Mr. Moidul Hassan / CEO

Habib Oil Mills
"We intend to support The Indus Hospital in the journey to becoming a world class hospital."
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Mr. Khurram Aziz Khan

Mr. Khurram Aziz Khan / Chief Executive Officer

"Our partnership with The Indus Hospital has been growing since the last couple of years and the reason for growth and value addition in that partnership is obviously the confidence we have been getting through The Indus Hospital and their level of services."
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Zeeshan Aftab

Zeeshan Aftab / Co-founder & Managing Director

"10Pearls is a mission-centric company. We want to give back to the society through our philanthropic foundation called 'Empower Foundation'. We have partnered with The Indus Hospital on a number of initiatives."
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Mubashar Maqbool

Mubashar Maqbool / Managing Director

Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company Ltd
“In the field of healthcare, Pak Kuwait is proud to be associated with The Indus Hospital, where it gives a sizeable portion of the Corporate Social Responsibility funding to The Indus Hospital.”
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Syed Amir Ali

Syed Amir Ali / CEO & President

BankIslami Pakistan
“For this (expansion of the hospital), it is the responsibility of all corporate leaders in Pakistan, including myself, that we invest not only our financial resources but our time as well to make this dream a reality.”
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Imran Ahmad Khan

Dr. Imran Ahmad Khan / Managing Director & CEO

Bayer Pakistan
“Our vision is “Health for all and hunger for none”. It addresses to most pressing challenges of the world today. For the realization of this vision, we need strong partnerships with organizations which share this vision and Indus is one of those organizations.”
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Mr. Siraj uddin

Mr. Siraj uddin / Managing Director

Nelson Paints
“In Pakistan a lot of people are serving the nation in different ways; however, as per my opinion, the organization which is leading amongst them is The Indus Hospital; for the last 13 years. Their way of serving the nation is very unique; quality care, transparency; free healthcare; without making any patient feel guilty. This really impressed me.”
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Ms. Farwa Naqvi

Ms. Farwa Naqvi / Director

Fujifilm Pakistan
“Seeing such a large institution run with such high volumes of people, especially children; it was a huge eye-opener for me to see in Pakistan and that is something I was hopeful to collaborate on with them.”
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Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Butt

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Butt / CEO

Security Papers
“Our aim is to support communities throughout Pakistan and not only in our surroundings. Indus Health Network provides us with that opportunity”
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Muhammad Haroon Rasheed

Muhammad Haroon Rasheed / Chairman

Security Papers
“Our (Corporate Social Responsibility) goal is to serve our Pakistani brothers and sisters all over Pakistan, in all 4 provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir. For this I really like the Indus Health Network’s plan of increasing its outreach and expanding all across Pakistan (to serve the nation).”
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Ali Asghar Jamali

Ali Asghar Jamali / CEO

Indus Motor Company
“Hospitals are the focal point of our collective national health system for generations. Indus Hospital is doing a commendable job to bridge the gaps in provision of healthcare to underprivileged and we are proud to support them in this cause.”
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Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood / Managing Director & CEO

Getz Pharma
“I urge my fellow corporate leaders and business leaders to come forward and support Indus Hospital through collaborations or donations for this noble cause where Indus provides free of cost treatment to those who cannot afford it.”
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Amir Paracha

Amir Paracha / Chairman & CEO

Unilever Pakistan Ltd
“Our work with Indus is in line with our joint mission of protecting lives and livelihoods of Pakistanis. We take pride in the partnership with the Indus Health Network.”
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Umar Ahsan Khan

Umar Ahsan Khan / CEO

“What inspired us (Dawlance) to join hands with Indus Hospital to support their efforts is their love and care for humanity and the fact that the healthcare that is provided at Indus is comparable to the best private hospitals, while remaining totally free for everyone.”
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Mohsin Ali Nathani

Mohsin Ali Nathani / CEO

Habib Metropolitan Bank
"The Indus Hospital is truly remarkable in its achievement of providing free-of-cost quality healthcare to the underserved segments of society."
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