Date: May 21, 2022
Venue: Seminar Room & Training Room, 4th Floor – Korangi Campus, Karachi
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
CME Credit Hours: 06
Program: Medicine & Allied ACCME


Session 1
Dr. Saima Saeed Panelists: Dr. Lubna Abbasi | Dr. Sohail Akhtar | Dr. Salman Imtiaz
9:00 – 9:10 amIntroduction to ACCME SeminarDr. Saima Saeed, FRCP

Chair, CME Committee, IHHN

9:10 – 9:35 amWhat makes our immune system autotoxic and how to nail itDr. Sabiha Anis, FCPS (Immunology) | MCPS (Clinical Pathology)

Consultant Immunologist | Section Head, IHHN

9:35 – 10:00 amConceptualize the AutoimmunityDr. Lubna Nazir, FCPS | MCPS

Consultant Rheumatologist, LNH

10:00 -10:25 amLupus NephritisDr. Salman Imtiaz, FRCP, MRCP, FCPS

Head, Nephrology Department I Chairperson, Nephrology Task Force, IHHN

10:25 -10:50 amConnective Tissue Disease-Associated ILDDr. Saima Saeed, FRCP

Director, Lung Health Program | Consultant Pulmonologist, IHHN

10:50 -11:00 amQ&A Session
11:00-11:15 amTEA BREAK
Session 2

Moderator: Dr. Shameem Behram

Panelists: Dr. Naseem Salahuddin, Dr. Junaid Patel, Dr. Shaid Majid

11:15am-11:40pmAutoimmune Endocrine DiseaseDr. Abdul Shakoor, MRCP, FRCP

HoD & Consultant Diabetes | Endocrinology, IHHN

11:40 am -12:05 pmBiologics – The infections they cause & preventionDr. Samreen Sarfaraz, MRCP, FRCP

Consultant, Department of Infectious Diseases | Chair, Infection Control Committee

12:05 -12:25 pmAutoimmune Hepatitis – When to treat?Dr. Manzoor Hussain, FCPS (Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology)

Consultant Gastroenterologist, IHHN

12:25-12:50 pmThe cutaneous spectrum of autoimmune rheumatological disorders.Dr. Afza Naureen, FCPS (Dermatology)

Consultant Dermatologist, IHHN

12:50- 01:00pmQ&A Session
01:00-01:45pmLUNCH BREAK
Session 3

Moderator: Dr. Mehwish Mehmood

Panelists: Dr. Nida Shamsi, Dr. Imran Iftikhar, Dr. Fivzia Herekar

01:45 -02:10 pmUpdates on refractory Immune thrombocytopenia: case-based discussionDr. Zunaira Aamir, FCPS (Clinical Hematology)

Diplomat RCPath | Consultant Clinical Hematologist, IHHN

02:10-02:35 pmECG interpretation in autoimmune diseasesDr. Faisal Aslam, FCPS (Cardiology)

Consultant Cardiologist, IHHN

02:35-03:00 pmRole of Family Physician in managing autoimmune disordersDr. Vinod Kumar, FCPS (Family Medicine)
Senior Registrar, Family Medicine
03:00-03:10 pmQ&A Session
03:10-03:20 pmVote of Thanks Dr. Ashar Alam
 Medical Director | Consultant Nephrologist, IHHN
03:20-03:35 pmDistribution of shields
03:35-04:00 pmTEA BREAK


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Sat 21 May 2022
09:00 am - 04:00 pm
Seminar Room - 4th Floor , Korangi Campus, Karachi

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